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Enhance Productivity and Quality with IoT enabled FIBRO WPM

Monitoring of tools is a cross-industry central topic in production. With the new FIBRO Wireless Pressure Monitoring System (WPM) a solution that meets all requirements of industry 4.0. FIBRO WPM backed with FIBRO KPI+ Reduces Cushion Related Downtimes in the Stamping dies and Enables Zero Defect Production.

NxtGen WPM!

FIBRO WPM offers wireless monitoring of the pressure and temperature of your installed FIBRO Gas Springs. Sensors in the tool collect the data and forward it wireless, and a specially developed software analyzes it and initiates corresponding measures. FIBRO WPM offers additional features that will take your production a big step closer to Industry 4.0: The server-based solution makes it possible to monitor multiple tools at the same time – even across locations and areas. With the WPM Repeater one can access tool data beyond the Bluetooth range and can be managed virtually in a cloud. Installing the Cloud on your internal company server reliably implements the absolute security of your sensible data.

Most accurate analyses of collected data allow an even more precise process control and an optimized preventive maintenance. The future performance of the system can be enhanced by the option to add modular extensions with additional sensors. An easy and intuitive user interface simplifies the operation, configuration and maintenance of the system and thereby helps prevent errors. Additional functions such as the assignment of specific gas springs for simplified display of obtained values make the system even more user friendly. The ordering of spare parts is there by also possible automatically via our online store.

Central cross-division and cross site management and monitoring of your tools for higher efficiency and quality from configuration to predictive maintenance.

  • Redefined Flexibility: FIBRO WPM is compatible to communicate with different platforms, gives you access regardless of the operating system – no matter where you are.
  • Customer Specific Solutions: Different combinations of the components permit the optimal adaptation to your requirements – you only pay for what you actually need.

Key Features:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring, Trend detection / data analysis
  • Proactive mailing functions
  • Storage for sensor data
  • Remote Data access Mobile app or computer
  • Early warning signaling prevents the production of unacceptable parts.
  • Preemptive wear detection and targeted troubleshooting

Your Benefits:

  • Simple configuration of the system
  • Produce error-free!
  • Position and status control of the gas spring sensors in the tool.
  • Targeted maintenance
  • Streamlined construction and assembly.
  • Documentation of the process control (pressure/ time diagram)