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Reduce your Stamping Die Size with FIBRO Compact Cam Slide Unit (FCC)

The demand of Engineering light vehicles by the industry has redefined the definition of high strength components. In past seven years, the Global automotive High strength component materials were transformed from Tensile Strength class of 480 MPa to 980 MPa, in fact we already hearing 1180 MPa as a new normal High strength material in the upcoming vehicles. This transformation demands for Higher cutting and forming forces, while the size of the stamping dies remains same or expected to be smaller.

Decoding this shift in demand FIBRO engineered cutting-edge FIBRO Compact Cam Units (FCC) resulting in exceptional compactness that can significantly reduce the size of your stamping dies and delivering Working and Retraction forces to accommodate forming or piercing of high strength component of class 1300 MPa.

The FCC Cam Unit series features double prismatic guides which enables Highest working Forces and Repeatability Tolerances even after extensive use, a slide pairing with sintered/bronze Oilless Guide elements function maintenance-free. The Child parts of cams like guide plates are sourced from our Standard Parts product range. Thus optimized the spare management during the cam unit lifetime.

In all FCC Cam Units, Gas Springs are easily accessible from the rear and can be disassembled within the tool. These Gas Springs, equipped with advanced safety features, adhere to the highest safety standards as per the Pressure Equipment Directive. Meeting European specifications, the Cam Units in this series are readily available from stock in case of an accident into the tool.

The Cam Units are delivered with a machined surface adhering to the most stringent requirements of modern toolmaking processes.

Today FIBRO also makes a wide range of cams in India which are in true sense German Precision Crafted in India! The Cams benefit our customers with High Retraction & Working forces, deliver Higher precision even after a higher number of pressing cycles. The Cam Units are available in Compression Spring options and a provision for a Gas Spring option (depending on process feasibility). Due to design expertise, these Cam Units require minimal maintenance. We provide these Cam Units at the shortest Lead time.


  • Compact Cam Units with Highest Working and Retraction Forces
  • Cam unit in the tool can be removed towards the rear without affecting the Die setup.
  • Double Prismatic guides enable Highest Repeatability Tolerances even after extensive use.
  • Gas spring loaded with Safety and Reliability
  • The Gas Spring can be removed without Dismantling of cam from the tool.
  • Load bearing capacity chart across Punch Mounting surface.
  • Double Positive Retainers

Your Benefits:

  • Standard Solution to Stamp High Tensile Components
  • More actions possible at same space will lead to smaller dies or less die operations.
  • With smaller dies you are more flexible in the usage of your production press
  • Standardized solution for small space situations causes less self-made solution