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Ground Precision - Dies

Ground Precision range includes Punches with Cylindrical / Flat and Bevel Head. They are available in DIN/ISO/JIS standards. BIS certified Punches are manufactured in India.

These high-wear parts benefit from our rigorous quality monitoring throughout the standard parts fabrication process, from raw material reception to finished product dispatch. This meticulous process results in an exceptionally long die life, significantly reducing costs in the punching shop by minimizing the need for tool changes.

  • Retainers for punches and ball-locked punches
  • Gauge pins with or without handles, as single pins or in sets
  • Gauge pins DIN 2269
  • Dynamic stripper elements (DAE)
  • ACCU-LOCK Fixture device for ball-lock punches
  • Punches with tapered heads
  • Precision-made parts

The design and arrangement of production components demand significant time and expertise, both of which are limited and costly resources. To assist you effectively in selecting suitable products, we have developed the FIBRO 3D Interactive Product Configurator, leveraging our expert knowledge.

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