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Aesthetics dominates Automotive Skin Panel!

The Cam Unit Polystrip case study is very interesting based on our recent experience with a leading Tier 1 suppliers for Premium and Luxury Automotive manufacturers. They work in niche markets, regularly offering Standard automobile components and specially designed components for prototype and concept cars.

Customer Requirement

The customer approached FIBRO for a unique requirement which demanded a custom-made solution.

Demand for High-quality skin panels is on the rise in the Automotive industry!

Customers’ perception of quality, especially concerning the aesthetics of a vehicle’s outer skin panel is an influencing factor in purchasing decisions. By and large, body design, paint colour and finish and the precision of manufacturing and assembly of its outer panels chiefly govern any car’s perceived quality.

The requirement for unique and appealing outer body design leads to complex modern panel designs, making them challenging to produce using current metal forming technologies, often resulting in minor surface distortions of tens of microns. The formed imperfections are usually not covered with paint. Automotive supplier approached FIBRO to provide a solution for Car Boot press tool.

FIBRO Solution:

Cam Unit Polystrip Unit Combination

Working closely on the project with the client, FIBRO suggested a brilliant combination of 2 nos. of FIBRO Compact Cam Units working together. When the press is activated, the upper slide completes its operation and the retracted the lower slide returns to its original position.

The new generation FIBRO Compact Cam Unit possess exceptional compactness, significantly reducing the stamping die size and delivering Working and Retraction forces to accommodate the forming or piercing of high-strength components of class 1300 MPa.

The FCC Cam Unit series includes double prismatic guides that allow for high working forces and repeatability tolerances even after prolonged use. The slide pairing with sintered/bronze Oilless Guide elements ensures maintenance-free operation. Components like guide plates for the cams sourced from our Standard Parts product range further optimize spare management over the cam unit’s lifetime.

PolyStrip overcomes the drawback of the Silicon deposits usually occurring in Elastomer Stripper usage and gives sharp Punch edges. The compact design of the triangular retainer and thrust plate allows for the closer movement of punches, ensuring efficient operation. Poly Strip composition grants clear visibility, enabling quick inspections and facilitating prompt detection of any unforeseen issues.

Customer Benefit

  • Meeting Premium Quality Skin Panels demands
  • The entire solution fits in the existing tool space with no demand for tool modification
  • Easy Spare Management owing to FIBRO’s comprehensive product Basket.