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Our rotary tables for machine tools can be used as swivelling or positioning axes, as tool carriers, or put to use in a number of assembly applications. With these machines, FIBRO combines the highest precision with incredible machining power and the shortest possible cycle times, boosting the efficiency of your production processes.

Whether it’s FIBROPLAN, an extremely versatile machine including a worm drive for a wide range of applications, FIBRODYN DA, which ensures rapid positioning thanks to its high speeds and acceleration characteristics, or FIBROTAKT, which is ideal for high-precision positioning applications – the quality of our rotary tables is what ensures the maximum satisfaction of our customers in any application.​

And even if you have very particular requirements, you’ve come to the right place with FIBRO. We offer tailored rotary table solutions for your specific application, combining the very best from all of our products into a single solution. We look forward to hearing from you!​