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FIBRO Guide Elements are available in 3 Finer Tolerance Classifications. A typical Guide Elements set consists of a variety of Guide Pillars and Guide Bushes, the tolerance classification benefit customers with more precise selections.

The selection matrix defines exact Guide Clearances for Sliding Guides or initial loads of Ball Cages, enabling users to make well-informed pairing decisions that ultimately impact tool performance.

We offer Guide Elements for self-assembly in custom-made Die Sets or Devices, available in various Designs such as Sintered Sliding, Ball Cages, Roller Cages, and low-maintenance Sliding Elements for round or flat guides, depending on the application.

Our Ball Cages find applications not only in Mould Making and Press Tools manufacturing but also in Dental Technologies, the Optical Industry, and Mechanical Engineering.

When precise movements and repeatability are crucial, Guide Elements consistently deliver higher performance.

If you have any questions about correctly pairing Guide Bushes and Guide Pillars, our team is ready to provide support.