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FIBRO hydraulic Flex Cam System is suitable for all applications where conventional tool slides are limited with regards to the working angle. Forming and punching processes are possible against the relative movement of the tool. This allows a further reduction in the required number of tools.

The hydraulic cam system is the ideal component for executing linear motions at any point in the available space. The system is increasingly used in tool making, in particular, to drive drawing, moulding, cutting and drilling operations where conventional slides cannot be used due to lack of space or inconvenient position. The working motion is generated by the cam unit (e.g. the working cylinder), which can be installed in any position in the available space. The cam unit is controlled by a driving cylinder which, in turn, is activated by the stroke motion of a press, for example. The link between the two is provided by a hydraulic hose in which the volume of oil in the power unit is displaced to the cam unit.

  • A primary unit in the direct working area is not required
  • Operations can be performed at any angle and in every direction
  • High tool saftey due to overload protection
  • Reduces lateral forces and tool loads
  • Increases force distribution in the press / tool