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A responsible approach to using resources, protecting the environment and ensuring quality is deeply rooted in our company policy.

FIBRO components fulfil the highest quality and safety standards. Based on a comprehensive analysis and consulting process, FIBRO Standard Parts is able to ensure standardised products in the fields of tool making, mould construction and mechanical engineering in order to provide an effective range of manufacturing technologies and ensure the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our customers benefit from a high level of precision, excellent standards of efficiency and superb product longevity.

Outstanding performance with regard to quality, environment, and health and safety is both our driving force and our commitment. To meet even the most stringent requirements, FIBRO continuously promotes a sense of responsibility and commitment among its employees in these areas through regular training.

Our management system ensures:

  • That all actions that affect the company’s goals, including compliance with environmental, quality and occupational safety guidelines, are carried out properly, monitored, and documented where required.
  • That, by harmonising the company’s quality, environmental and occupational safety procedures, the relevant requirements are taken into account in all processes and the resulting synergies are harnessed for the benefit of customers and employees, the environment as well as the safety of products, systems and processes.
  • That all activities are carried out efficiently across all areas of the business thanks to a consistent programme of process orientation.