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FIBROFLEX®, a polyurethane elastomer of very special properties, represents a synthetic material of significant advantages over all conventional rubber substances. 

FIBROFLEX® forming elastomers can offer economical alternatives where expensive dies are not advisable if batch lots are small. 

FIBROFLEX® forming materials are available in a constantly expanding range of round, rectangular, triangular or U-shaped profiles, with and without cavities, as well as sheets in numerous dimensions and in 3 different Shore A hardnesses, depending on their intended use

The quite outstanding elastic properties of FIBROFLEX® have made it an almost indispensable material in tool rooms everywhere and also in many sectors of general engineering. Its numerous successful uses comprise bumper stops, strippers, ejector- and forming pads, spring elements as well as noise suppression applications.

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FIBRO ELASTOMER portfolio includes plates, tubes and profiles as forming elements for unconventional solutions, for sensitive surfaces and for special solutions. 

Our elastomers are also interesting as buffers, scrapers and ejectors. Cutting, stamping and reshaping by means of FIBROFLEX® forming materials especially suitable for the production of small and medium series.

The advantages of FIBROFLEX® tipped tools for forming coated or surface-finished sheet metal are particularly worth mentioning. 


  • Quick response to new market and delivery time 
  • Considerably longer service life in comparison to natural and synthetic rubber types.
  • Extensive life span when used correctly 
  • Highest resistance to rupturing 
  • Inertness to all lubricants used in metal forming operations 
  • Excellent elasticity 
  • Good thermal resilience