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The FIBRO electro-mechanical transporters have been developed to effectively and inexpensively solve the problems of transporting parts and the removal of stamping and cutting residues from presses.  This electrically driven and patented transporter system conveys punched and waste parts out of the tooling area with a rhythmic movement in a straight line.

Due to its compact design suitable for applications where limited space is available. The simple, sturdy and flexible design provides a safe, reliable, efficient and a cost efficient solution.

Low energy consumption, infinitely variable speed control, simple automation, low noise (60 dB) and the absence of compressed air ensures cost reduction while improving the working environment.


Removal of punched and waste parts Feeding, separating, sorting, organising, positioning, storing and picking of solid materials


Low energy consumption

Thanks to the electric drive and low internal friction, the transporter consumes much less energy than a comparable compressed air transporter. The sensor controlled motor ensures that only the energy corresponding to the current load is used.

Stepless speed control

Thanks to the mechanical stepless speed control, the transporter can be precisely adjusted to the medium to be transported.



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Low noise development The integrated mechanical system operating in a closed oil bath only generates 60dB, thereby creating a much better working environment.

No compressed air necessary 

Supply of compressed air is no longer necessary due to the electrical operation of the transporter. This reduces your costs and improves the ambient air.

Low maintenance

The transporter is suitable for continuous operation (24/7). Only one external part moves. The integrated ball-bearing mechanical system is designed for high loads and a long service life.

Simple automation 

Due to a customisable trough design, solid materials can not only be conveyed with the transporter, but also separated.


Electric transporter – Blackline 

Well-suited for the automobile industry and metalworking.

Electric transporter – Clean line 

CLEAN LINE has been specially developed for hygiene-sensitive areas, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


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