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Our range of precision parts include punches with bevel/flat head or cylinder head according to DIN regulations or made to drawing in 8 different material qualities as well as quick-change punches.

All these high-wear parts benefit from the constant monitoring of quality that characterizes our entire standard parts fabrication process, from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch of the finished product. The result – an exceptionally long die life – cuts costs dramatically in the punching shop by reducing the need for tool changes.

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Advantage of Cylindrical head punch.

  • Whenever space allows cutting punch with cylindrical head should be used for below advantages.
  • Robust type.
  • High life expectancy.
  • Strengthened shank in combination with sturdy head ensures good absorption of punching forces.

Significance of coating

  • Coatings significantly improve punch life and enhancement the performance of tools in high-productivity, high speed and high-feed cutting.
  • Provide increased surface hardness and wear resistance
  • Reduce friction coefficient to ease chip sliding & reduces cutting forces
  • Prevent adhesion to the contact surfaces
  • Reduce heat generated due to chip sliding
  • Helps to improve the quality of the parts produced

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